Venezuela vs.  Juanes: the singer suspends the concert after criticism from the Chavista leader

The singer Juanes canceled the concert that he had scheduled for November 4 in Caracas Venezuelabecause God given hairVice President of United Socialist Party of Venezuelaone of the top leaders of Chavismo, attacked the artist of Colombian origin during a YouTube program.

On August 11, the singer published a tweet on his official account in which he announced the concert and that ticket sales would start on August 17:

However, this September 1, the company Ticketmundo Venezuela sent an email to the people who had bought their ticket to announce that the concert had been canceled and that the money would be returned to the public.

Mail sent by the organizing company of the concert.

Although neither the company nor Juanes have attributed the suspension of the musical event to criticism from God given hairon August 17, the political leader criticized Juanes during episode 399 of his program called “With the Mallet Giving“.

During the broadcast, the political leader referred to the singer:

Juanes, I’m going to tell you something: the president here is still Nicolás Maduro… the same one who, according to you, wouldn’t let you in.

In addition, Diosdado Cabello called “immoral” to Juanes, since he has previously spoken out against Nicholas Maduro, president of Venezuela, and even participated in a concert in favor of the “freedom” of the people of Venezuela. in reference to the concert Live Aid held in February 2019, and which was supported by politicians and personalities opposed to the Venezuelan regime, such as Juan Guaido and others.

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The goal was to raise $100 million to help Venezuelan families facing extreme poverty.

Headlines shown by Diosdado Cabello to attack Juanes.

Here you can see the fragment of Diosdado Cabello’s program in which he attacks the singer-songwriter:

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