PRD goes against PRI security proposal: threatens the pact 'Va por México,' says Zambrano

The Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) announced that it will vote against the reform proposal of the PRI deputy, Yolanda de la Torre, to extend the permanence of the armed forces in public security tasks from 5 to 9 years.

The party’s president, Jesús Zambrano, said that this initiative is not part of the platform of the ‘Va por México’ coalition.

Totally against it, in the sense that we declare a constitutional moratorium on this matter, which are regressive because they are also a continuation of the full militarization that puts our country at risk of a dictatorship from 2024. We must not ignore this .

In a statement, the leader of the Aztec sun said that the initiative “bothers” them “because it puts the validity of the alliance at risk.”

Zambrano Grijalva pointed out that from the beginning it was said that the ‘Va Por México’ coalition is not only electoral but also legislative.

tricolor reform
Deputy Yolanda De la Torre presented a constitutional reform initiative to extend from five to nine years the period in which the President of the Republic may dispose of the Armed Forces for public security tasks.

The objective of the initiative, according to the PRI, is to give more time for the National Guard to develop its structure, capabilities and territorial implementation.

This Monday, the Constitutional Points commission announced that the initiative will be ruled, with the announced support of the Morena, PRI, PT and PVEM benches.

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