Icelandic Björk releases the first single from her new album

Icelandic singer Björk released this Tuesday morning a preview of the video for her song “Atopos”, which is the first sample of her new album titled Fossora, which comes out five years after his last work.

Via social networks, Björk presented a part of her first video, which was accompanied by a phrase from the writer Roland Barthes: “Our differences are irrelevant, our union is stronger than us…”.

In the video, Björk can be seen dressed in a suit reminiscent of mushrooms or moss, while industrial sounds and heavy bass play in the background. At times the music reminds marrow either returntheir albums released in 2004 and 2007.

The artist has always placed an emphasis on nature, climate change and the relationship with humans, in addition to combining string and wind instruments with electronics, choirs or processed voices.

The last time she came to Mexico, the artist had a series of presentations in August 2019 in a dome that was installed especially for her presentation in the Bicentennial Park, in the country’s capital.

While in 2017, the artist appeared at festivals and alone in Mexico City, where she visited for almost a month and it was common to see her in the Polanco or Rome area, walking alone.

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Fossora It will be the tenth album by Björk, who started her career in the eighties in Iceland. The album will be available on platforms from September 30, but “Atopos” can already be heard.

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