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Rep. Lauren Boebert shut down the possibility that she might leave congress mid-term to pursue what her democratic opponent called her “dream job” of being a Fox News commentator Saturday.

When asked in a debate ahead of the Nov. 8 election if she promises to serve the full term if reelected, even if her “dream job” of joining the right-leaning network came up, Boebert responded, “I don’t think that’s my dream job.”

“My dream job is actually just being a mom of four boys and raising my goats,” the Republican representative from Colorado clarified. “That’s my biggest dream, but it’s an honor to serve the constituents of Colorado’s 3rd district, and I look forward to doing it a second time.”

The congresswoman began her time at the debate by directing her questions to moderator Edie Sonn, who serves on the Colorado Behavioral Health Council, by asking her to disclose her support of Democratic candidates, pointing to a tweet Sonn wrote that expressed support for Boebert’s former opponent Diane Mitsch Bush.

“This debate is not about me,” Sonn responded, as the crowd booed Boebert for her remarks.

The event, which was hosted by Club 20, Colorado Mesa University and the Grand Junction Sentinel, is the first and only debate scheduled between Boebert and her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch prior to the election.

Boebert has been under fire in recent months, after comments that President Biden’s student-debt forgiveness funds “Karen’s daughter’s degree in lesbian dance theory” had Twitter trolls coming out of the woodwork.

In August, her husband was also the center of controversy when he made threats to neighbors before driving his car into their mailbox in a rage after a dispute. According to a 911 call and an incident form, at least two 911 calls were made by neighbors after a resident asked one of Boebert’s sons to stop speeding down their street in a dune buggy, and the situation escalated when Jayson Boebert began to ram his car into their mailbox.

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