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    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, one of the latest releases of Marvel’s Phase 4, divided the public when it hit theaters at the beginning of the summer and, even if you are one of those who do not want to see it again on Disney +, this theory might give you a reason to take a second look at the MCU movie.

    The film brought together Thor, Valkyrie Y Korg to fight against Gorr, the butcher of Gods. She joined them to help them, by surprise, Jane Foster who has become the Mighty Thor since we last saw her. She ended up getting even bigger and weirder than in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, (luckily or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it).

    But the theory of a user of Reddit, Subject89P13has suggested that there may be an explanation for the film’s over-the-top narrative – and it would be Korg’s fault.

    After a “slightly cool” Gorr-focused opening, the film begins with Korg telling the story of Thor to a group of children. Later, we will see him again at the end with the children, still narrating this story.

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    The theory holds that this ending means that everything we see in the film is a Korg version of the eventsembellished to entertain children and a little embellished.

    Although the events may have occurred, they may not have happened exactly as we see them.

    If you still need something to convince you, theory provides evidencesuch as the fact that Korg somehow survives after being struck by Zeus’ lightning bolt.keeping the rest of the film as a face, in an absurd turn of events.

    There’s also a great moment at the end, where Thor gives a group of Asgardian children the power of Thor to fight against Gorr’s shadow monsters. As the theory puts it, If you were telling this story to a group of kids, it’s exactly the kind of spin you’d put on the battle.. Although this would only have included Thor and Gorr.

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    Perhaps the best evidence for this is that Stormbreaker is jealous of Mjolnir. This gag is recurring in the movie, but it may be a result of Korg not understanding how Stormbreaker actually works.

    The Stormbreaker uses the Bifrost. The Bifrost accesses the Yggdrasil tree. Yggdrasil is a portal system that connects 9 planets from 9 different galaxies (also known as realms). Thor can only use Stormbreaker to open a portal directly to any of the 9 realms, but not anywhere in the universe.explains the theory.

    That’s why they build the ship to travel to the Almighty City and the Shadow Realm… they’re out of the 9 realms. Korg does not understand this. He thinks that the reason Stormbreaker won’t cooperate in teleporting them to the Almighty City is because he is jealous that Mjolnir is back.

    They are able to use the Bifrost to return directly to Earth, from the Shadow Realm, because Earth is Midgard (in the 9 realms),” the user concludes.

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    And, if you still need a bit more proof, think how Korg talks to kids about how Kronians reproduce, holding hands over lava. It is not very different from the typical story of the stork that we have all heard at some time in our lives.

    Maybe seeing ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ through this perspective of Korg being an unreliable narrator won’t change the way you look at the movie.

    In any case, it does add a certain grace to the narrative, since Korg’s voice is that of Taika Waititi, the film’s co-writer and director. And what is a movie besides a group of people gathering around a campfire to tell a story?

    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is now available on Disney+ for streaming on streaming.



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