Members of the CNTE rebuke AMLO and ask him to attend Michoacán

Members of the National Coordinator of Education Workers intercepted the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador after the event that he led in the Bosque de Chapultepec on the occasion of the 175th Anniversary of the Children Heroes already screaming They asked him to instruct that they be attended to and denounced mistreatment by the Ministry of Education in Michoacán.

According to images on social networks, an unknown number of protesters prevented the passage of the presidentwho was traveling in his jetta vehicle with his wife, Beatriz Gutierrez Muller. In the videos you can hear when the Members of the dissident Education Union rebuke AMLO.

“There is a pig farmer in Michoacán, we arrange for him to go to Michoacán. Check the graduates of the normal ones”, says a person whom he greets with a fist bump.

“The treatment that the government of Morena gives us in Michoacán is outrageous, they have a PRI member in the Ministry of Education.”

Meanwhile, in the background you hear shouts of rejection and references to the governor of MichoacánAlfredo Ramirez Bedolla.

“Lie lie! the same crap! Bedolla, lie, the same crap!” they exclaim.

Members of the CNTE announced a march to the Zócalo of Mexico City to demand the reinstatement of the CNTE-Federal Government negotiating table and the repeal of the Educational Reform.

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