SEP will challenge court order that restores full-time schools

The Ministry of Public Education announced that it will challenge the indefinite suspension issued by a federal judge that restores the delivery services of foods and extra hours of classes for boys and girls offered by the “Full Time School” (ETC) program before it was incorporated into the “La Escuela es Nuestra” program, promoted by the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“By considering that the services of Extended School Day and Food are served through the La Escuela es Nuestra (LEN) program, the SEP, through its Legal Affairs and Transparency Unit, will promote a review appeal against the interlocutory ruling, so that the Collegiate Court revokes the suspension and denies it,” the federal agency said in a statement.

The amparo trial was promoted by the civil association “Mexicans First”, and the suspension was granted by the Third District Judge in Administrative Matters of Mexico City, Yadira Elizabeth Medina Alcántara.

The SEP clarified that The School is Ours continues to operate normally, since there are currently 50 amparo lawsuits regarding this issue, in 17 of which the dismissal has been issued and in one there is a firm dismissal.

He added that the remaining 33 amparo lawsuits are pending resolution. “It is expected that the amparo lawsuits that are in process will be dismissed due to the fact that the complainants did not show any affectation in their legal sphere.”

“The provisional and/or definitive suspension does not constitute an unassailable sentence or the granting of an amparo, for which the SEP has the right to dispute through the available legal resources,” he added.

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In its statement, the federal agency stated that in order to improve the delivery and application of public resources For Full-Time Schools, the federal government established that the concepts of extended hours and meals be integrated into the La Escuela es Nuestra program, which delivers resources directly to the beneficiaries.

He also explained that the resources received by schools enrolled in the LAN program can not only be used in infrastructure, but also in feeding and extended hours, in accordance with what is established by the Participatory Administration School Committees of each school.

“The new rules also establish that the extended schedule It must be agreed upon during an assembly at the school, in coordination and with the collaboration of the campus director,” he explained.

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