Third attempt to launch Artemis I to the Moon will be on September 27

The POT adjusted the planned dates for the release of Artemis I to Moonin order to carry out tests and check the correct operation of the spacecraft.

This due to logistical issues and to have more time to prepare for the cryogenic demonstration test and the launch. The changes also allow managers to ensure teams get enough rest and replenish propellant supplies.

Therefore, the date was updated to September 27th at 11:37 a.m. EDT, landing on November 5. As a possible backup, the release date is also considered October 2 2:52 p.m. m, landing on November 11.

Previously, the launch scheduled for August 29 was postponed by a engine three failurewhich did not reach the ideal temperature necessary for takeoff.

It was later determined that the mission would launch on September 3, but this was not possible due to a fuel leak.

This weekend, Artemis I crews completed work on repair of the hydrogen leak, reconnecting the rocket-side and ground-side plates at the fuel feed line quick-disconnect, where two seals were replaced last week.

For this week, they will carry out tests at ambient conditions to ensure there is a tight bond between the two plates before retesting during the cryogenic tank demonstration and beginning preparations.

During the demonstration, the launch controllers will load supercold liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. This will allow NASA scientists to confirm that the leak has been repaired and to evaluate updated propellant loading procedures designed to reduce thermal and pressure-related stress on the system.

In addition, they will be able to perform a quick start purge test and evaluate pre-pressurization procedures.

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