WHO: Europe is going through its 'most dangerous moment' due to Covid and monkeypox

The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), tedros ahanom Ghebreyesus, warned that the reduction in coronavirus and monkeypox infections that has been taking place in European countries in recent weeks, puts the region in the “most dangerous” moment, since the relaxation of measures can increase the broadcast.

During his participation in the 72nd Meeting of the Regional Committee of the World Health Organization for Europe, the head of the WHO assured that Europe you will have to live with him Covid-19 but “not with the monkey pox“, as long as it carries out the necessary measures to control, stop and eliminate its transmission, since in no country is the disease endemic.

“A sustained decline in monkeypox transmission has been recorded in most European countries, but this trend may be the most dangerous moment if it opens the door to complacency,” stressed the head of the United Nations body.

According to the coronavirus pandemicTedros Adhanom highlighted the high coverage of vaccination in Europe, although he warned that a third of the European population is still not vaccinated, 25 percent of health workers and 20 percent of the elderly.

“These gaps in vaccination represent a risk for all, as well as the precipitous reduction of the realization of tests and the sequencing of the virus, since it is not allowing us to see how the virusdespite the fact that it is reasonable to expect that with the arrival of the cold there will be a increased transmission and deathyes,” he stressed.

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During the event, the WHO director general He held various meetings, for example, with the Spanish Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, in which he spoke about both diseases and thanked the Government of his country for its support and the investment they have made in the development of vaccines against coronavirus.


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