Kit Harington in 'The Eternals'

Kit Harington debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing Dane Whitman in ‘Eternals’, where he coincided with his fictional brother, Richard Madden, after working together on ‘Game of Thrones’. In Chloé Zhao’s film, Harington did not play one of the members of the titular supergroup, but rather a supporting character originally human in nature. However, comic book fans knew perfectly well that Dane Whitman’s alter ego is Black Knight (Black Knight) and that, therefore, Marvel surely had something planned for him in the future.

In fact, one of the post-credits scenes of ‘Eternals’ planted the seed for the arrival of the Black Knight at the UCM. However, since then we have had no news or official confirmation about Harington’s return to Marvel. ‘Eternals’ fell short of box office expectations and strongly divided audiences and critics, casting doubt on a sequel, which was not announced at Comic-Con or D23 Expo (although Patton Oswalt, that gives voice to Pip the Troll, has assured that it is in development). Even so, the film introduced a large number of characters with enormous potential for the future of the saga, and surely it will not be the last time we see them. Whitman is one of them, and Harington seems as eager to return as the fans.

This has been expressed in a new interview with the well-known journalist and youtuber Josh Horowitz, with whom he spoke on the occasion of the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival of his new film, ‘Baby Ruby’. When asked by Horowitz about his future at the MCU, Harington of course doesn’t confirm anything, but makes it clear that he’s looking forward to returning and for Dane Whitman to become a fan favorite:

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“Again, and this is true, I don’t know much about what they’re planning. I hope to be involved in future projects with that character, with Dane Whitman, and that it goes ahead and is what everyone quotes me when they see me for the street. But honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know what their plans are. What I do know is that they are entering Phase 5.”.

That could be the key. In Phase 5 of the Marvel Universe, we will see Mahershala Ali starring in the new version of Blade. It was precisely in the same post-credits scene of ‘Eternals’ where Ali was introduced (with voiceover) for the first time in the UCM, so it is not ruled out that Dane Whitman will return in this project. Of course, for now, everything is speculation. There is also the possibility that Black Knight has his own movie or series for Disney +. It’s all a matter of waiting to see what Kevin Feige has planned for the character.

And the others?

Will we see the Eternals again in the future of the MCU? It would be rare if Marvel did not return to the group, either in crossovers, with a direct sequel or spin-offs in the next phases of the Multiverse Saga. Beyond the ten members of the group and Dane Whitman, ‘Eternals’ introduced Harry Styles as Eros (aka Starfox) and Patton Oswalt as Pip the Troll in its other post-credits scene. Although Oswalt has already said that his characters will return in a hypothetical sequel, yet to be confirmed, Styles is not so clear, especially after recently declaring that he plans to take a break from acting to focus on music.

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