joseph quinn as eddie munson, stranger things season 4

    Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ has been a success since its premiere this summer, reaching the number one spot among the most watched series on Netflix in English and anticipating what promises to be an epic season 5 finale.

    The show, one of Netflix’s best series, was nominated for 13 Emmy Awards and this week managed to take home 5 statuettesincluding those of Best Music Supervision (we all know it’s thanks to that mythical scene from Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’) and those of Best Prosthetic Makeupfor the characterization of the villain Vecna.

    Shawn Levy, executive producer of ‘Stranger Things’ since its first season, he was representing the program at the awards gala and, attending the microphones of The Hollywood Reporterdropped several details and curiosities about the reception of the last season and about the possible return of one of the most beloved characters by fans: Eddie Munson.


    “We don’t do ‘Stranger Things’ to be fancy. We don’t do ‘Stranger Things’ to get Emmy nominations and rave reviews. It’s amazing that we get those things, but we did it because of the fans. They feel, all over the world, this very visceral emotional connection to the characters and the storytelling…look at Eddie for example! Look at the phenomenon of Eddie. I mean, as an example, this is a made up character that was introduced in year four, and the world fell in love with him.. And this is how our fans are invested in stories and characters, it’s why we do this work, it’s what we dream about when we do this work.”

    Eddie’s death at the end of season 4 was a blow to all these fanswho quickly began to theorize on networks about a possible return of the character played by Joseph Quinn and how it could come about: As Vecna’s disloyal right-hand man (Kas in ‘Dungeons and Dragons’), in Dustin’s imagination, as a flashback. .

    Levy sees this return as difficult, but not impossible: “Many, many people can’t even bear the thought of a season 5 without some excuse for Eddie’s presence. It is very unlikely. Very unlikely. But we hear you, world. We know. You guys are obsessed with Eddie. We also“.

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