Bob Chapek with Mickey Mouse at D23 Expo 2022

last august The Walt Disney Company announced a price increase for the subscription to Disney + in the United States from December 8, date on which the ad version of the streaming platform will be released. That version will be called Disney+ Basic and will cost the same as Disney+ right now: $7.99 per month. For those who do not want advertising (that is, as before) they will have Disney + Premium available, which will cost $10.99 per month or $109.99 per year. That’s a 38% price increase.

Despite this increase, Bob Chapek believes that this price is still very low for the catalog they offer. as collected Varietythe CEO of the company went so far as to say at a technology conference: I think we are way under priced relative to the value we provide. The manager leaves the D23 Expo 2022 with reinforced spirits, assuring that they have “overabundance of riches in terms of the endless amount of content that is going to come from our creative engines” and that the catalog continues to gain value. Chapek describes the subscription price they debuted with in 2019, $6.99 per month, as “pretty absurd” Y believes that the possible loss of subscribers with the new price increase will be “insignificant”.

The Future: Integrating Hulu and ESPN+

Regarding the expansion of subscription types, with or without ads, Bob Chapek comments that for the company it is “indifferent” which is preferred by viewers and sees in this expansion of products a way to “supply diverse consumption needs”. Speaking of expansion, His plans continue to add Hulu and ESPN+ content to the Disney+ catalogue, but above all the former would require buying 33% of the shares of the live and on-demand television service from Comcast (owners of Universal Pictures).. Until January 2024 they will not be able to make an offer, but Chapek says that “they would love to get to that point”. Here in Spain most of the Hulu content already reaches us through Disney + thanks to Star, the platform’s adult brand, but there are still titles that arrive by other means (‘What we do in the shadows’, for example , debuts first on HBO Max) or that directly have not arrived yet.

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The long-term goal with Disney+, says Bob Chapek, is to make it the “a participation platform” that it is not “just a movie service”. This would be related to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlater launching a subscription that covers more than streaming and that includes some kind of benefits in other company products, such as merchandising or theme parks. “Now we can personalize an experience far beyond what has ever been possible.” We still don’t know anything about this more complete package, but prepare to open your wallet a little more.

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