'Narcosantos' arrives on Netflix, a new series by the actor from 'The Squid Game'

The Surinamese government will explore legal action against the producers of the hit South Korean Netflix series ‘Narcosantos’, considering that it fosters negative images of the country by portraying it as a “narco state”.

The program, released five days ago, is titled ‘Surinam‘ in South Korea, and tells the story of a man who risked his life to join a secret mission to capture a drug dealer Korean that operates in the South American country, based on real events that occurred two decades ago.

Foreign Minister Albert Ramdin claimed that the program portrayed him as a “narco-state” based on “cross-border crime and activities” of the past, something the government had tried to eradicate for decades.

Suriname no longer has the image that emerges in the series or no longer participates in this type of practice.

“Whether the practices presented… are true or false, you are creating a negative perception. Everyone sees these things, so this is not good,” the Surinamese foreign minister said in a statement.

Ramdin said he would consider undertaking legal actions against the producers and file a diplomatic protest to the South Korean government.

South Korea had not received any formal statement from Suriname on the matter, a Seoul foreign ministry official said on Thursday.

Moonlight Film, which co-produced the series, directed inquiries to Netflix. Perfect Storm Film Inc, the other producer, was not available for comment. (rts)


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