Labor Day Box Office Plummets 55% From 2021 as 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Returns

Jacob Batalon addressed how playing the beloved character of Ned in Marvel’s “Spider-Man” trilogy helped inform how he approached his leading role in Syfy’s “Reginald the Vampire,” joking that he was grateful his fellow co-stars were “willing to put up with my diva-ness.”

“I think my experiences working on the ‘Spider-Man’ movies has really informed the way I operate on set in the way that I found that the easiest way for us to progress in a shoot is to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable and likes each other,” Batalon said on a panel Thursday as part of NBC Universal’s portion of the Television Critics Association summer tour.

Batalon also said he has learned a lot through the years from watching others on set.

“I guess the unexpected thing I’d say is that you have to come prepared, actually, which is quite shocking, I’d say. But other than that, no. I think that again, watching really successful people operate and work with others has really informed my life experience on this show, and I’m just really grateful that everyone was willing to work with me and willing to put up with my diva-ness because I was literally pushing it,” he added.

“Reginald the Vampire” is a dramedy based on Johnny B. Truant’s book “Fat Vampire.”

Its logline reads: “Imagine a world populated by beautiful, fit and vain vampires. Reginald Andres (Batalon) tumbles headlong into it as an unlikely hero who will have to navigate every kind of obstacle — the girl he loves but can’t be with, a bully manager at work and the vampire chieftain who wants him dead. Fortunately, Reginald discovers he has a few unrecognized powers of his own. A new show with a lot of heart and just enough blood, ‘Reginald the Vampire’ proves the undead life is just as complicated as life itself.”

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Savannah Basley, Em Haine and Mandela Van Peebles round out the cast.

The series is produced by Great Pacific Media, Modern Story Company, December Films and Cineflix Studios and executive produced by Harley Peyton, Jeremiah Chechik, Todd Berger, Lindsay Macadam, Brett Burlock and Peter Emerson.

“Reginald the Vampire” premieres Oct. 5 at 10 pm ET/PT on Syfy.

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