The 'Alito' factor

The President of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Santiago Creel Mirandaassured that the continuity of the ‘Va por México’ alliance will be defined after the Senate votes on the reform that extends the presence of the Armed Forces in public security tasks until 2028.

Interviewed this Wednesday in the framework of the San Lázaro session in which the constitutional reform on the matter was approved, he assured thatand the parties are in talks about it, but the definition of whether there will be a rupture in the PRI, PAN and PRD alliance will be made when there is a result in the Senate.

“We are working, we are talking and, above all, we are going to do it after the Senate vote, as we had agreed and as I announced yesterday. In the meantime, since there is a communication for the different topics of the Chamber and for merely procedural matters, but there is communicationsaid.

“We will have to sit down after what happens in the Senate and we will see where we can go. But I think there are many who want the alliance to continue and let’s see how we can find different outputs to reconcile this vote with the objectives of the alliance”, he pointed out.

Asked how the alliance could continue after the PRI proposed expanding the role of the Armed Forces in public security tasks, Creel Miranda said that There is no resolution on this yet.

“Let’s see, I have not pronounced myself to continue or not to follow. The only thing I’ve said is that after the Senate vote is over, we’re going to make a resolution. Before that we have not taken any resolution. However, there are expressions that want to continue and there are expressions that go in the opposite direction.” mentioned.

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He explained that in the case of the PAN, they will be the president of the party, Marko Cortesas well as the National Executive Committee and the Permanent Commission, the instances that will decide if the political institute continues with the ‘Va por México’ alliance.

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