The UNAM researcher, Mario Luis Fuentes, considered that the factors of inequality and insecurity in Mexico cause fear and anger in the Mexican population. However, these feelings are not channeled against the authorities to make demands on the government, the expert considered. On the other hand, columnist Viridiana Ríos affirmed that under the government of López Obrador, Mexicans have become depoliticized and are a “tremendously satisfied society, despite the fact that the country is too similar to the one left by Peña Nieto.” Finally, the author Julio Madrazo assured that in Mexico the phenomenon persists that a few are doing very well and the vast majority are doing poorly. This could lead to “a society that is angrier and that its fear translates into mobilizations that we have not seen so far,” he said.

There is fear and anger in the Mexican population;  we have depoliticized ourselves: Analysis Table

Photo: Pixabay

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