This Ebrard wrote in Elizabeth II's book of condolences at Lancaster House

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard Casaubonreleased this Sunday morning the text he wrote in the book of condolences of Queen Elizabeth II established in Lancaster House.

Through your account Twitterassured that he had the “honor” of writing the following in the book: Sincere condolences from the people and government of Mexico to the great British people for the sensitive death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, rest in peace.

Ebrard and his wife, Rosalinda Bueso, They arrived in the United Kingdom this weekend, where they will participate in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II this Monday at Westminster Abbey, on behalf of the Mexican government.

In a video also broadcast on his social networks, he assured that this Sunday afternoon he will attend a reception given by King Carlos III who will attend the state funeral to be held on Monday.

According to documents obtained by PoliticalThis is the strict protocol that the Mexican foreign minister would be following and the other foreign dignitaries invited to the funeral. However, both Ebrard and other representatives have taken the opportunity to sign the book of condolences before the funeral takes place.

1. Only one high-level representative per invited country may attend, who You can be accompanied by your partner.

2. Heads of state unable to attend may choose another person as your official representative, such as a head of government or a chief minister.

3. They will need to arrive in the UK in commercial flights.

4. They will not be able to use helicopters to scroll.

5. They will not be able to use their own state cars to attend the funeral at Westminster Abbey.

6. All will be transported by bus from a site in West London.

7. Visiting heads of state will be able to attend the funeral of the body of the queen and sign the condolence book at Lancaster House immediately after.

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8. During their stay at Lancaster House, foreign leaders will be able to pay tribute to the late queen with a duration of up to three minutes, to be recorded for the media.

The state funeral in memory of Elizabeth II and the subsequent burial of the late queen will symbolize the last goodbye from the United Kingdom to who has been its highest institution since 1952. The Elizabethan era will have its definitive end with this funeral after the massive attendance at the wake chapel in the Palace of Westminster and in an armored city.

Elizabeth II died on September 8 at her castle in Balmoral (Scotland), after her health suffered in recent months and just two days after appointing conservative Liz Truss as prime minister. The meeting between the two was the last public image of the queen.

70 years had passed since the death of the previous king, George VI, and although most of the citizens did not experience the splendor of that time, the Government and the Royal House had a detailed protocol that determined what to do in the ten days after the death of Elizabeth II.

Neither the Government, headed by Truss, nor the new king, Carlos III, have left the script, which has made it possible to see the monarch make a tour of all the territories that make up the United Kingdom and establish in an organized way the transfer of the remains of Elizabeth II, first to Edinburgh and then to London.

The protocol concludes on the tenth day with a state funeral that will start once the wake chapel has closed since Wednesday at the headquarters of Parliament. The room will close at 6:30 a.m. (0:30 a.m. Central Mexico time) this Monday.

About four hours later, at 10:35, members of the royal guard are expected to pick up the coffin again to move it, once again aboard a gun carriage, to Westminster Abbey, at the start of a brief funeral procession.

Behind the coffin, King Carlos III and other members of the royal family will advance on footas happened on Wednesday with the transfer of the coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster and, previously, in the capital of Scotland.

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The procession will end at 10:52 a.m. At which time the procession will enter Westminster Abbey, where all the guests will already be. The doors of the temple will open at 8:00 and some two thousand people are expected to attend, although the Government does not plan to disclose an official list of guests.

Among those who will attend are the Spanish kings Felipe and Letizia, as well as all the European royal houses and leaders of the Commonwealth and other countries that feel especially close to the United Kingdom, for example the American Joe Biden or the French Emmanuel Macron.

Representing the EU will be the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen. In the case of Mexico, the foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard and his wife Rosalinda Bueso They arrived this weekend in London to attend the funeral.

The distribution of invitations corresponded to the British Government, which reserved the right to veto certain countries based on political criteria. Russia, Belarus, Burma, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Syria cannot attend, while countries like Iran or North Korea will be able to send someone, but at the Embassy level.

Westminster Abbey as a symbol

The choice of Westminster Abbey as the setting for the funeral is already a symbol in itself, since the temple has not hosted an act of this type since 1760, after the death of George II. Elizabeth II herself would have chosen this abbey, as she had already witnessed her wedding and her coronation, to facilitate massive attendance.

The funeral after the death of Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, was held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, in an intimate setting, although a subsequent mass was organized at Westminster Abbey, attended by the then Queen. His lonely image due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic went around the world.

Yes they were held in Westminster, instead, the funerals of the mother of Elizabeth II, in 2002, and of Princess Diana, in 1997, despite the fact that the latter was no longer married to the now king at that time.

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Elizabeth II’s funeral will conclude with two minutes of silence that are extended to the entire country, as a last act before a new funeral procession begins outside Westminster Abbey. Members of the royal family will again accompany the coffin, this time to Wellington Arch, where the hearse will be waiting.

After 3:00 p.m., the convoy will arrive in Windsor and, shortly before 4:00 p.m., the coffin with the remains of Elizabeth II will be loaded again to be placed in the chapel of St. George. The Dean of Windsor will officiate a religious service, in the presence of some 800 people.

The burial will take place at 7:30 p.m. and the Government has specified that it will be a private ceremony. The remains of Elizabeth II will rest alongside those of her husband, Prince Philip, who died in April 2021 and was initially buried in a temporary grave pending the death of the queen.

Unprecedented security challenge

The British capital has been in recent days a partially paralyzed city in its downtown area due to the massive queues to enter the wake chapel. Thousands of police officers have watched over the correct development of a wait that, for some people, It has meant spending practically a day outdoors.

The Metropolitan Police have assumed that the state funeral will be “the largest single event” at the level of security forces that has ever been held in London. Scotland Yard Deputy Commissioner Stuart Cundy acknowledged that the challenges at the operational level are “hugely complex”, greater than those of the celebrations for the recent Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee or even the 2012 Olympics.

The authorities have urged citizens to limit your movements this monday, as several metro stations will remain closed. Numerous companies have announced the closure of stores and other establishments this Monday, declared a holiday by order of Carlos III.

Incidents in air traffic were also announced coinciding with the funeral, which has caused that only at Heathrow airport, one of the largest aerodromes in Europe, More than a hundred flights have been cancelled.

(With information from Europe Press Y Aristegui News)

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