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    It takes some ingenuity to make someone like Martin Scorsese sleepless. So many years of cinema, and so many plots developed, and still, ‘Pearl’, the prequel to the film released in the middle of this year, 2022, ‘X’, has managed to unveil, (and fascinate), one of the most prolific minds on the current film scene.

    The new premiere of A24 is now touring theaters after its recent run at the Venice International Film Festival. There he debuted and gripped his first audiences, with a story “deeply disturbing“, or so Scorsese stated. He did not lack adjectives for the film, he also defined it as “fascinating” Y “wild“. A good cocktail of sensations. Above all, those that happen later, when the horror story plays its revenge game in the wee hours of the morning. Even the most seasoned are not safe there.


    Ti West movies have a kind of energy that is hard to find these days. Driven by her love, pure and undiluted, for the movies,Scorsese commented.You feel it in every plane. It’s a prequel to ‘X’, but it’s done in a diametrically opposite cinematographic register. ‘Pearl’ pulls off a wild, riveting and deeply — and I mean very deeply — disturbing 102 minutes,” praised the director.

    “West and his muse (and creative partner), Mia Goth, really know how to toy with their audience…and then stick a knife in their chest and twist it.

    After all this, the director concluded: “I was enthralled, then disturbed, and then so unsettled that I had trouble falling asleep. But I couldn’t stop looking at her.

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    ‘Pearl’, has managed to exceed 3 million dollars in the collection of its first weekend. In it we see Goth bringing to life a young woman who lives on a remote farm, at the beginning of the 20th century. Her dreams of becoming a movie star will push her to extreme and bloody limits to achieve them. They accompany her to the front of the film David Corenswet, Tandi Wright Y matthew sunderland.

    Peter Debruge, magazine critic Varietywrote about the tape after passing through Venice and assured: “‘Pearl’ is the prequel that nobody asked for, of a movie that many did not see. And yet her distinctive look and oddly attractive antihero might make her the more popular of the two films.

    A24 recently announced that West and Goth will end their horror trilogy with ‘MaXXXine’set in the 1980s, with Goth playing his ‘X’ character again.

    ‘Pearl’ was released in theaters in the US on September 16. It will arrive in Spain at the next edition of the Sitges Festival, and it has already been placed as one of the 10 essential films of the Festival.


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