About 230 whales appear stranded, and half die, on a Tasmanian beach

Nail 230 whales were stranded on a remote beach in Macquarie Bay, in the west of the Australian island of Tasmania, of which half are believed to have died.authorities reported on Wednesday.

This massive stranding occurs exactly two years after some 470 pilot whales, also known as pilot whales, became stranded in this same place, of which only a hundred could be rescued and taken to the high seas, reports Efe.

A team from the Tasmanian Department of Natural Resources and Environment (in the south of the country) travels to the area to carry out rescue work of the specimens stranded on a sandy surface of Ocean beach, in which he will collaborate with other authorities.

In images provided by the department, a long line of whales can be seen – which the authorities believe are pilot whales – trapped on the surface along dozens of meters of beach, they pointed out in a statement sent to Efe.

“The response to the strandings in this area is complex,” the statement said in reference to the difficult access to this wild area of ​​the island.

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The incident in Macquarie Bay comes a day after the death of 14 sperm whales after being stranded on a beach on the southern King Island, also in the Tasmania region.

These and other marine mammals are frequently stranded on the coasts of southern Australia and New Zealand, without the experts having been able to clarify the reasonsalthough they are usually attributed to diseases, navigation errors, sudden changes in the tides, the persecution of predators or extreme weather conditions.

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