'Montachoques' goes to prison for the crime of extortion against a driver he attacked in 2017

The Mexico City prosecutor’s office re-apprehended a subject accused of being part of a gang of montachoques, who is being prosecuted for the crime of extortion.

The agency explained that the accused, identified as Omar “N”, was recaptured with an arrest warrant. for not complying with the precautionary measures imposed by a control judge assigned to the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, among them, the obligation to sign before the Precautionary Measures Unit.

According to the investigations, the defendant today He was part of a criminal group that was dedicated to faking and causing vehicular crashes to threaten their drivers, damage their cars and later demand money as alleged payment for the damage they themselves had caused.

According to the criminal case against him, Omar “N” in the company of another group of subjects they rammed their vehicle into the unit that another person was driving on May 27, 2017 on Majuelos street, Paseos del Sur neighborhood, Tlalpan mayor’s office in Mexico City.

After intentionally causing the accident, violently demanded money from the driver of the other vehicle and threatened to physically assault him if he did not agree to pay the alleged damages.

The affected party filed the corresponding complaint so that the defendant today was linked to a process for the crime of extortion, but At the time, he was unable to obtain justified preventive detention.. However, for failing to comply with the precautionary measures imposed by the control judge, he finally got rid of an arrest warrant against him, for which he was detained in the municipality of Chalco, State of Mexico and transferred to the Prison East.

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With an official letter of collaboration, the PDI agents, with the collaboration of elements of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, carried out various surveillance and after verifying that it was the same person, his re-arrest was carried out to transfer him to the Prison. Preventive Men’s East, in order to make it available to the judge who required it”, reported the capital prosecutor’s office.


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