And now they arrive... the 'pejepan of the dead' and the 'pejerosca de reyes' |  Photos

Due to the success achieved With the “AMLO-shells” in the past national holidays, a bakery in Puebla launched two other creations: the bread of the dead and the thread of kings inspired by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The bakery “The Heritage”, located in San Pedro Cholula, shared on its social networks a couple of photographs that show its new products and also ask its customers the possibility of baking the loaves in large production.

The bakery clarified that AMLO-concha arose because firstly the intention was to make a kings thread referring to the figure of the president, “but then the idea was put on hold.”

“Now we will be thinking/working on the idea, still we don’t know if it will go on sale as well as the figure of the bread of the dead / puff pastry, but while we show you these little sketches, there is a lot of work to be done on them”.

The thread of kings inspired by AMLO

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