Bryce Dallas Howard reveals she was pressured to lose weight on 'Jurassic World'

Bryce DallasHoward joins the list of Hollywood actresses who have suffered the requirements to lose weight.

The actress revealed that she was pressured to lose weight to the movie Jurassic World: Dominion.

For the return to his role as Claire Dearing for the third time, Howard claimed that he banned from using her “natural body” on screen in previous movies and the same thing almost happened again until director Colin Trevorrow stepped in.

“I They asked me not to use my natural body.”said the actress.

He added: “Colin felt like he had to protect me, because the conversation came up again. They said, ‘We have to ask Bryce to lose weight.’ He said: “There are many types of women on this planet and in our film and I was able to do so many stunts that would not have been possible if I had been on a diet.”

The ‘Twilight’ star added that after the Trevorrow’s intervention, now she feels “excited” to return to the saga.

“So I’m really excited in all the action that I was able to do, and I was able to do it with my body, she was at her peak strength, and I hope it’s yet another indication of what’s possible.” (BangShowbiz/Reuters)

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