Carlos III again in a scandal, now for a controversial 'racist' gesture |  Video

Not even 15 days has he been on the throne and the king charles iii has been involved in various scandalsmainly for its controversial gestures.

The most recent controversial moment of the British monarch happened on the day of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Outside the Palace of Westminster, thousands of people lined up to say goodbye to the queen in the Chapel, Carlos III along with his son Prince William left the premises to greet the attendees.

The controversial moment was recorded on video and it is observed that the king greets various people with fair complexions, including a woman.

The next person was a dark-skinned man, the monarch decide No greet him and not even turn to look at him.

The black man decided to reach out to try to shake Carlos III’s hand, which he reaches for a few seconds and lets go.

The moment was viralized and users on social networks pointed to the king as racist.

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