Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen

Daemon Targaryen has become one of the most beloved characters by fans of ‘The House of the Dragon’. But what is the reason for this uncontrollable success? Undoubtedly, there are several reasons that explain the fanaticism that surrounds the character, but one of the most decisive is Matt Smith, the actor who brings the rogue prince to life. Smith, much loved and respected by public opinion, is recognized for great roles such as the eleventh incarnation of Doctor Who in this character’s series or his portrayal of Philip of Edinburgh in ‘The Crown’. Now, Smith gives life to said prince in ‘The House of the Dragon’, a character that has many lights and shadows, the classic gray character of ‘Game of Thrones’, but with a more rogue and rebellious touch.

It could be said that the character of Daemon fits Matt Smith like a glove, since his interpretation and his role as the prince is commented on daily on social networks, and these explode every Sunday at the premiere of the chapters. Smith has gained a following of fans around the world and the networks are full of comments from followers praising Daemon’s every gesture. Within all this revolution, Tik Tok should be highlighted, as the platform has been filled with videos dedicated to the rogue prince and Smith himself. A lot of clips show and extol Daemon’s character as a God to worship and follow, highlighting his beauty and his behavior in the series as a tremendously mischievous character, a quality that fans usually like a lot. And, although the fans (mostly women) know that the character is not kind, they affirm that they cannot pay attention to Daemon’s red flags, and forgive him his nefarious acts in exchange for the magnetism that his character and physique provokes, which is praised by the fandom constantly.

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In addition to his attractiveness, Daemon conquers fans a lot thanks to the construction of his relationship with Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), who plays his niece in fiction. As is well known, the Targaryen family has a peculiarity that differentiates them from the rest of the Westerosi houses: they normalize and promote incest. In George RR Martin’s books there are constant references to the incest that surrounds the house of dragons, so fans don’t see Daemon’s relationship with Rhaenyra in a negative light. However, several users compare this case with other incestuous relationships that we saw in “Game of Thrones” such as Jaime with Cersei, the Lannister brothers; or the relationship between aunt and nephew, with Daenerys and Jon, where fans did criticize incest. But this does not happen with Daemon, because the followers do not seem to care that he has a relationship with his niece. Except for some users who have complained about the absurdity of looking favorably on incest in certain relationships, the majority of followers support this incestuous relationship. Users say they have “lost moral values ​​by Daemon”regardless of the incest or the age difference between the two lovers. In an interview with rolling stoneSmith himself assured that he is only playing a role that has already been described in the books: “I guess you have to ask yourself, ‘What are you doing? Are you representing the books or are you watering them down to capture the times we live in?’ And actually, I think that’s your job, to tell the books truthfully and honestly, just as they were written.” In addition, Rhaenyra gives her consent to this relationship, so, having her approval, the fans say they have nothing to argue against.

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All in all, Matt Smith seems to be perfect to bring the resourceful Daemon to life. He is a great actor, he has been praised numerous times by critics, and every Sunday by fans of the series. In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, the fanaticism of the public could be observed in their shouts and applause, in addition to Fallon’s constant compliments towards Smith. The presenter highlighted that in chapter three, despite not having dialogues, his character is spectacular and he gives a great performance without saying a single word. In addition to Smith’s acting talent, we must highlight the work of the showrunners, directors and screenwriters, those in charge of building Daemon’s character. The last chapters are directed by Clare Kilner, who gives the character a lot of sensuality, as well as the sexual scenes, which always have an aura that mixes eroticism and delicacy.. The director commented to Collider that it was difficult for him to convey Rhaenyra’s point of view in the sexual sequences with Daemon, and he confessed that he has “grown up seeing how directors [hombres] They have directed sex scenes. Therefore, as a woman, she thought a lot about how to shoot those scenes: “It was really important that it be a scene that everyone enjoys equally, freeing themselves from the constraints of the world they live in”Kilner explained. In addition, the last chapter has had Charmaine DeGraté as a scriptwriter, where we have been able to see a tense scene between Daemon and Rhaenyra, a very sensual sequence that takes place at a dance. The participation of both women in recent episodes has been very noticeable, since the scenes between uncle and niece evoke eroticism and beauty, they are not explicit and unpleasant scenes, so they manage to further romanticize the relationship between the Targaryens.

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What will Daemon have?

Daemon Targaryen responds to the classic construction of a rebellious character, with a character that is sometimes Machiavellian, but that everyone falls in love with. He is the character that fans usually like, because of his double standards and his grays and shadows, although Daemon is all that adding a different and original touch. He is not just the classic villain, he has many layers and that is very attractive because he is not just the bad guy, he has interests and concerns. Smith himself defined his character as “a kind of outsider”. “It’s not black and white, it has gray tones, which is what interested me about it”assured the actor to Rolling Stone.

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In addition, he is an attractive character with white hair, something that fans like a lot, as happened with Legolas (Orlando Bloom), Spike (James Marsters) or The Witcher (Henry Cavill), they all had white hair that drove them crazy to the fans. Daemon is, without a doubt, one of the favorites of ‘The House of the Dragon’, despite being a scoundrel, because the fans already know that he is a bit of a scoundrel, and yet they think they will forgive him everything because they adore him and know that he appreciates his niece, a couple that fans dream of almost from the first episode.

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