Facebook to Review Donald Trump Suspension, President Nick Clegg Says: 'Need to Act With Great Caution'

On Thursday’s “The Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon had a string of jokes that showed just how baffling a claim it is that Donald Trump could declassify documents just by thinking about it, as the former president told Sean Hannity in a now-viral interview Wednesday. He also joked that such a gaff will only help Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential prospects for 2024.

“Ron DeSantis was watching at home going, ‘Well, I guess we gotta start printing those campaign posters – here we go!,’” Fallon said while leading into his monologue.

Sitting with Hannity in an exclusive interview Wednesday, Trump told the Fox News host that “it doesn’t have to be a process, as I understand it” to declassify top secret documents, defending the fact that he didn’t follow protocol with the documents found at Mar-a-Lago. “Different people say different things, but as I understand it, there doesn’t have to be. If you’re the President of the United States, you can declassify just by saying, ‘It’s declassified,’ even by thinking about it.”

Fallon looked absolutely baffled after playing the clip for this in-studio audience, pretending to do a Jedi mind-trick bit while holding his hands to his temples and concentrating.

“Hannity was like, ‘Oh I get it you’re gonna plead insanity,’” he then joked. “’Now it’s making sense.’”

“I felt like he was this close to using the word abracadabra,” Fallon continued.

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Diving further into Trump’s Hannity interview, Fallon then pulled up a second clip where the twice-impeached former president suggested that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago to look for Hillary Clinton’s notoriously deleted emails.

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“Because of what they did, the severity of the FBI coming and raiding Mar-a-Lago, were they looking for the Hillary Clinton emails that were deleted but they are around someplace?,” Trump said in the clip.

“Wait you’re not saying you had it?,” Hannity responded, clearly confused.

“No they may be saying, they may have thought, that it was in there,” Trump said.

“At that point, even QAnon people were like, ‘OK that conspiracy seems a little nuts, that’s a little much for us,’” Fallon joked.

“You’ve gotta give Trump credit though: He knows how to say something so crazy that it actually makes the last crazy thing he said seem normal,” the late night host concluded.

Watch the full monologue in the video above.

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