Her corgis already 'miss' Queen Elizabeth, according to trainer

Sandy and Muick, the dogs corgi Queen Elizabeth is already missing her, said her former coach, Roger Mugford.

“The dogs they are very perceptive of changes in their owners. I’m sure they knew your majesty was in decline and will have been missed,” Mugford said in an interview with ETOnline.

The dog trainer considered it “charming” that sandy Y Muickwaited outside Windsor Castle on the day of the queen’s funeral as the procession took place.

Mugford also recalled that both dogs were with the queen in the last years of his life and he supposed that he would have found a “great consolation” in them.

“It was so lovely that, in his later years, he had two little corgis and other dogs around him. Because there is no doubt that any of us, at any stage of our life, but particularly when our life feels like it is on the decline and stressful… being able to reach out and caress and be loved by a uncritical admirerwhich is a dog, is a great consolation,” he added.

The late monarch, who passed away at the age of 96 on September 8 after a record reign of 70 years, raised 10 generations of dogs of this breed, after receiving a Pembroke Corgi named Susan at the age of 18.

These dogs became, along with their hats, one of the most recognizable signs of identity of the late queen.

Now the Duke and Duchess of York, the prince andrew, and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, will take care of the two corgi dogs. (rts)


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