Journalists and bankers are exempt from 'partial mobilization' in Russia

The Russian government announced this Friday that the media workers, information technologies and employees of financial organizations will be exempt from the “partial mobilization” decree signed on Wednesday by the president, Vladimir Putin, in the framework of the war in Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has stated in a statement on its website that “in order to ensure the operations of certain high-tech industries, as well as the financial system of Russia, a decision has been taken not to conscript for military service, as part of the partial mobilization of citizens, to people with higher education andn certain specialties”.

Thus, it has stressed that the exemption affects those who work in “registered organizations that operate in the field of information technology and that are involved in the development, application and maintenance in the field of information technology“, as well as employees in “telecommunications operators” to “guarantee the stability, security and integrity of communication facilities”.

Along these lines, it has stated that workers in the “field of information and communications” will also be exempt, including those responsible for editorial work and publication in the media and those responsible for “production and distribution of media products“, as well as those who work in “organizations that guarantee the stability of the national payment system and the infrastructure of the financial market, the management of bank liquidity and the circulation of cash”.

“The list of citizens handed over by the heads of relevant organizations in the prescribed manner to the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces will be considered as the basis for exemption from participation of citizens in military service within the framework of mobilization” , The Ministry of Defense has settled.

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At first, the Russian authorities specified that the students would not be part of the “partial mobilization” decreed by Putin, with which the Defense Minister, Sergei ShoiguHe said about 300,000 people were expected to be recruited, which he described as 1.1 percent of Russia’s mobilization capabilities.

Putin on Wednesday framed the decision in “necessary and urgent measures to protect Russia’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity” and warned that Moscow will use “all means” in the event of a “threat to Russian territorial integrity”. “It’s not a bluff,” he maintained.

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