Judges lament 'harassment' after accusations in the morning

The association of judges and magistrates lamented the “constant environment of harassment” due to the public exhibition of judges, since they affirmed that this contradicts the principle of judicial independence.

In the morning conference this Thursday, the undersecretary of security, Ricardo Mejía, criticized the acquittal sentences of Judge Samuel Ventura in the Ayotzinapa case; according to the government count, this judge has issued 120 “absolute liberties”.

This judge argues procedural issues, procedural issues, due process issues, which in our opinion has not been a due process, but a due pretext for not doing justice.

The issue has been addressed in the same way by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who confirmed that appeals have already been filed with the Federal Judiciary Council.

On this issue, the National Association of Circuit Magistrates and District Judges (Jufed) affirmed that the public display of federal judges, with partial information, is contrary to the principle of judicial independence, the division of powers and international treaties.

They affirm that the resolutions are public so that society can verify their contents, in addition that the judges should not be responsible for the rulings of other authorities.

Such exposure and harassment is an unfounded attack on judges and exposes their families, in clear violation of the presumption of innocence.

They ask that the authorities present their proposals or particular observations before the competent authorities.


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