Kidnapped German tourist rescued in Oaxaca;  They asked for 1 million pesos to release her

Oaxaca, Oax.- A german touristwhose identity is reserved, was released last September 20, after staying 12 days kidnapped in the municipality of Santa María Colotepec, on the coast of Oaxaca.

The Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office reported that for this crime of kidnapping, a man identified as SRS was arrested.

According to investigation folder 31769/FDAI/UECS/2022, on September 8, 2022, the victim was deprived of his liberty by unknown subjects, when he was in a building under construction, located in the Linda Vista subdivision of that location.

They also reported that the kidnappers contacted relatives of the victim to demand a large amount of money in exchange for freeing her, it is spoken of close to a million pesos.

For the release, in addition to local security corporations, personnel from the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination (Conase) and the Secretariat for Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) also participated.

The Oaxacan Prosecutor’s Office reported that the alleged perpetrator accepted the extended constitutional term, which ends on September 26, 2022, meanwhile the Control Judge provisionally imposed preventive detention on him.

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