Military police launch water jets against demonstrators and journalists during a protest in Military Field 1 due to the Ayotzinapa case |  Videos

Almost 8 years after the disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Ayotzinapa normalistas, parents of the disappeared youths and activists protested this Friday afternoon outside the Military Camp Number 1 to demand punishment from the elements of the Mexican Army that could be involved.

elements of the Military police that protect the facilities with a tank they launched jets of water to disperse civilians, including press workers who were on the spot.

The scenes were captured by reporters, photojournalists and cameramen covering the protest.

Even in one of the videos you can hear a man say in the background: “We are the press!”

Previously, the normalistas painted on the façade of the military camp the words “Murderers”, “We are missing 43” either “it was the army“.

Also participating in the protest were the mothers and fathers of the 43 young people disappeared.

Most of the young normalistas have their faces covered and wear hooded sweatshirts. They have also pasted protest banners on the facade near the North Peripheral.

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