'Sidney Poitier'

Watching Sidney Poitier on screen generates a feeling that is as powerful as it is describable. It is about the energy caused by those great stars of golden Hollywood that they added to their indisputable presence an overwhelming talent. They filled every space, amazed with the minimum gesture, excited with overwhelming ease and made credible each of the characters that fell into their hands.

The 10 essential films of Sidney Poitier

1 ‘Guess who’s coming tonight’
'Guess who's coming tonight'

Winner of two indisputable Oscars, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actress for an immeasurable Katharine Hepburn, and nominated for eight more statuettes, ‘Guess Who’s Coming Tonight’ is one of those films in which all the elements work to the best of their ability. Both in its romantic comedy profile and in its obvious social discourse related to racism, this absolute gem is also one of the highest points in Sidney Poitier’s filmography, actor who succeeded here in making something as complex and complicated as signing an incontestable performance seem simple.

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two ‘Seed of evil’
'Seed of evil'

The first great interpretation of Sidney Poitier’s career is found in ‘Seed of evil’, a remarkable film directed in the mid-1950s by Richard Brooks. A project where the aforementioned actor faced a giant of the stature of Glenn Ford, emerging victorious and strengthened from the battle. A magnificent work where the dimensions of Poitier’s talent were already sensed.

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3 ‘In the heat of the night’
'In the heat of the night'

Terrific police thriller that excited the critics, the public and the Academy, achieved five statuettes including Best Picture, ‘In the heat of the night’ is still a proposal that costs horrors to find something similar to a failure. Compact in its staging, precise in its handling of intrigue, brilliant in its plot development and with a splendid ensemble of performers, the film directed by Norman Jewison is a classic for many reasons. And among them it is worth emphasizing, of course, the outstanding interpretation of a gigantic Sidney Poitier.

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4 ‘The lilies of the valley’
'The lilies of the valley'

beyond what history of the victory of Sidney Poitier in the category of Best Actor at the Oscars, ‘The lilies of the valley’ is another of those films that would not be understood, or would lose much of its value, without the presence of its protagonist. An actor far above this light rural drama and whose work alone justifies the time spent watching it.

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5 ‘A ray of light’
'A ray of light'

Written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, standing, ‘A Ray of Light’ is a real joy from start to finish. A wonderful script, a staging with the trademark elegance of the house, memorable characters and a cast to match where the character and forcefulness of a Sidney Poitier situated beyond praise shines with special intensity.

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6 ‘A patch of blue’
'A patch of blue'

Beautiful work in each and every one of the senses, ‘A remnant of blue’ achieves the most difficult yet avoiding the multiple tear traps in which a story of these characteristics could have fallen. A proposal of a sensitivity as extraordinary as the interpretations of its two protagonists, immense Elizabeth Hartman and a sublime Sidney Poitier. Wonderful.

7 ‘Rebellion in the classrooms’
'Rebellion in the classrooms'

Brilliant adaptation of the novel by ER Braithwaite, ‘Rebellion in the classrooms’ supposes one of the great commercial successes of Sidney Poitier’s career and one of his most memorable performances. That’s right. An exemplary job where the actor brings out his incomparable talent and presence to elevate a story that he ends up moving without tricks or tricks. An exemplary film and always enjoyable.

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8 ‘Fugitives’

After the fantastic ‘You will not be a stranger’ and the (very) irregular ‘Pride and the Passion’, a highly inspired Stanley Kramer made his first truly essential film with ‘Fugitives’, a tremendous story of friendship, tolerance, racism and loyalty starring two titans the likes of Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier. A duo of stars who offer really superb interpretations herealso functioning as the engine and heart of a story that, from its unforgettable first minutes, gives off the unmistakable aroma of the classics.

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9 ‘Porgy and Bess’
'Porgy and Bess'

Despite being a clearly minor work within the fascinating filmography of Otto Preminger, especially if we take into account that it was released the same year as his great masterpiece, ‘Anatomy of a Murder’, ‘Porgy and Bess’ is one more film than interesting. A sweaty, passionate and bleak musical where the cast adds all the greatness that is missing from their failed staging. Little matter the slips in that sense if you have wonders like Sidney Poitier at the helm leaving the soul in every moment.

10 ‘Where the city ends’
'Where the city ends'

From its credit titles, ‘Where the city ends’ catches you with no option to replicate, making you a full participant in its story and facilitating total immersion in its particular atmosphere. A merit that deserves to be placed on the account of the newcomer Martin Ritt in the direction and the absolute complicity of a wonderful cast. A collection of charismatic characters endowed with life by some capital performers among whom Sidney Poitier stands out, immense in each and every one of his scenes.

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Citing all the impressive works that Poitier signed throughout his extensive career seems like a mission as impossible, due to space, as ambitious, due to the little that would be left out. And it is that, even in his minor projects, almost all of them located in the last years of his career, the actor was an excuse powerful enough to justify (and forgive) absolutely everything.

  'Sidney Poitier'

This special, which contains an undeniable part of heartfelt tribute and act of gratitude, is made up of ten films that exemplify in a great way Poitier’s aforementioned power to impose, fascinate and captivate. One of the best actors in the history of cinema, a historical figure of the seventh art and a stainless star. The Poitier legend.


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