They denounce cloning of tickets for Dua Lipa's concert

In social networks, a user denounced the cloning of your tickets for the Dua Lipa concert at the Foro Sol of this Wednesday.

The Internet user who identified himself as “Kevino Amaro”, reported that access personnel to the venue informed him that his tickets had already been scanned and apparently someone entered with a cloned one.

“There is a Ticketmaster and Mixup mafia, those who print the tickets in Mixup copy the number that is back here or the numbers that are here, they resell them, obviously falsifying, because all you need is the codes,” said the Internet user in a video you shared.

Also, the user pointed out that bought your Banamex Priority pre-sale tickets directly at Ticketmaster last year and immediately received a code to his email confirming his access to the concert.

Kevin Amaro also commented that the The only person who had contact with their tickets was Ticketmaster staff. and assured that he kept them in his bedroom after printing them in Parque Delta in Mexico City (CDMX).

Comments by others users in social networks were present to tell their similar experiences in other concerts and made a call to the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) to address the complaint.

On the other hand, the user expressed that the reason for sharing his complaint through social networks is to understand the modus operandi for the cloning of tickets and their resale.

It should be noted that after the controversy over the ‘influencer’ Miroslava Valdovinos by offering 108 tickets for the Corona Capital festival, the Profeco asked Ticketmaster for a report on its measures to prevent such practices.

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reselling constitutes an administrative fault, according to article 25 section 11 of the Law of Civic Culture of Mexico City, and those who incur in said offense will have to spend between 25 and 36 in arrest.

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