They rescue more than 50 overcrowded dogs in CDMX

Officials from the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office rescued more than 50 dogs that were crowded into a property that was evicted.

The animals were in several rooms of a house, piled up, dirty, mistreated and without adequate food, said Mayor Mauricio Tabe.

He said that people who want to help can donate food, collars and leashes, although they can also be put on a list to adopt them.

The local government took care of 14 animals, although they are still seeking veterinary care for all of them.

Alessandra Rojo de la Vega, director of social development for the mayor’s office, said that the capital’s government took custody of eight dogs.

The eviction took place in a house in the Observatorio neighborhood, where neighbors had already denounced the situation.

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