'We are facing an authoritarian drift in Mexico': HRW on militarization of security

Juanita Gobertus, Director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch, stated that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador brought to its culmination the delivery of public security to the Armed Forces.

In a video published on his social networks, Goebertus asserted that during four years of government, AMLO weakened the municipal and state police, in addition to the fact that the federal police disappeared “and all their functions were handed over to the Defense Secretariat.”

“He has handed over control of ports, customs, even public works to be carried out by the Armed Forces. This has in turn generated less transparency and access to public information.”

Likewise, the ddirector of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch pointed out that the imprisonment of people without sentence has increased; however, the country today faces an insecurity crisis.

“It is an omissive attitude that leaves Mexicans without protection. Today, we are facing an authoritarian drift in Mexico that has been completely ignored by regional and international authorities.”

Goebertus ruled that Mexico needs serious reform to protect its citizens from cartels as well as agents.


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