Yolanda de la Torre denies that AMLO has imposed a military initiative on the PRI

Deputy Yolanda de la Torre denied that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had imposed on the PRI the presentation of the reform to extend the participation of the Armed Forces in security tasks.

A journalist recalled that the president said that he will present the reform again because he does not want this issue to remain pending.

He (AMLO) says that ‘I will return’, but he does not mean that he has already presented it.

De la Torre presented on September 2 the initiative so that the Army’s tenure be extended to nine years in public security tasks and continue until 2028 and not 2024 as it was created.

The federal legislator said that she is returning to Durango to hold public office, although she did not want to reveal in which agency.

She was questioned as to why she will not wait for the initiative to be definitively resolved; she said that “life gives moments of decisions”.


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