Gael Garcia Bernal in 'Werewolf By Night'

The Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomes his first foray into pure and simple terror with ‘Werewolf By Night’, a special designed to launch on Disney + for Halloween. Recovering the essence of classic monster moviesthis proposal directed by Michael Giacchino has taken the public of the Fantastic Fest to the street, a festival that had not revealed its plans to project the new Marvel Studios.

Thus, by surprise, the attendees came across a special screening of ‘Werewolf By Night’, a telefilm headed by Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly, who won tremendously for that way of approaching the aforementioned genre, framing it in the UCM. Giacchino, composer of the soundtracks for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, ‘Coco’, ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Up’, for which he won an Oscar; debuts as the director of a Marvel project taking all the applause.

Many of those present highlight the skill of this filmmaker who, in addition to being behind the cameras, doubles up, composing the BSO. Giacchino leads a story that narrates the fight for the survival of Jack Russell (Bernal), werewolf who tries to keep his supernatural identity a secret in the midst of a group of monster hunters whose mission is to find the impostor in their midst. Peter Cameron and Heather Quinn are the writers of this special which, of course, has just revealed its duration. 52 minutes this TV Movie would last counting the credits, that is, more or less like a generous chapter of any series.

Very enthusiastic reactions

It is already known that until the critics are released, one cannot get too excited only with what is read on social networks, but in this case the feeling seems to be good. Those who have already been able to see ‘Werewolf By Night’ especially highlight its violence, assuring that with the excuse of black and white chosen as visual style, Giacchino has included quite bloody moments.

* “‘Werewolf By Night’, Fantastic Fest’s first secret screening, I thought was super fun. It makes great use of black and white and remember that classic style of Universal monsters. He gets away with being surprisingly violent due to the absence of color. It’s got a ton of Easter Eggs for fans of Marvel’s monsters.”.

* “I’ve loved ‘Werewolf By Night’. Michael Giacchino looks amazing in his directorial debut on a Marvel Studios project, I hope he’ll take on one more very soon. I’ve been amazed at how much he gets away with it.” Y I’m thrilled that it’s unlike anything Marvel has done before. Premieres October 7 on Disney+”.

* “Fingers crossed the MCU would give me a treat like ‘Werewolf By Night’ for Halloween! A delicious ode to classic monster movies with in-universe action scenes, and production design and effects at that level. I loved the dynamic between the characters of Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly”.

* “From a quality point of view, we’ve seen everything in the Marvel series, but we could easily rate ‘Werewolf By Night’ as the best thing they’ve ever done. Yeah, even better than ‘Moon Knight’ (which you know I loved)”.

* ‘Werewolf By Night’ is the most peculiar MCU project we’ve seen since ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. So good? Nope. But it’s a remarkable breath of fresh air to see Marvel take a chance on something like this, [para que os hagáis a una idea] its tone and style are VERY close to the trailer. More like this please. Comics are weird. Let’s be weird”.

* “‘Werewolf By Night’ is my favorite Phase 4 project since ‘Shang-Chi’. Horror fans are going to be thrilled, it’s horror from start to finish, a gory and funny special. Michael Giacchino does an impressive job in his directing debut.”.

* “I love ‘Werewolf By Night.’ The classic black and white horror approach works perfectly for the story and feels very unique within the MCU. It’s an exciting example of how they can push boundaries. The cast is great and I hope to see more of them and this type of proposals”.

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‘Werewolf By Night’ premieres on Disney+ on October 7with time to make noise in the face of this year’s Halloween.

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