Los Angeles police kill young man who was carrying a toy gun

Police in Los Angeles, California, United States, shot down a 19-year-old boy who was carrying a compressed air rifle.

The events occurred on September 17, when the young Luis Herrera requested the police presence for an alleged case of family violence.

When the police arrived, the young man came out carrying a black gun, pointing it directly at the officers, who asked him to put it down.

The events unfolded quickly: the young man advanced, the police took cover and opened fire.

The investigation determined that the rifle was airsoft, which fires plastic projectiles. The police also found a pistol on him, which works with the same mechanism.

The elements that participated in the operation are under investigation and the family analyzes the legal actions to follow.

Los Angeles police have pledged to review whether the use of deadly force complied with policies and procedures.


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