The current art of native peoples is explored through a book

From the vastness of its baggage and its aesthetic and conceptual approaches, the exhibition enunciated the claim for the forced Castilianization, the environmental destruction due to the concession of its territory by the State, the annulment of its autonomy or the racist violence to which they have been subjects.

The book, with a bilingual Spanish-English edition, seeks to expand discussions that transcend the artistic field and lead to a critical review of the official account. Through texts by activists, sociologists, anthropologists, academics, linguists, gallery owners, filmmakers and visual artists, the

reflections point to other ways of understanding the social, the political and, of course, the artistic.

Itzel Vargascurator and editor of the publication, points out that the question that triggered the interest in making the exhibition was Does indigenous contemporary art exist? Regarding the word indigenous, it is a category that was avoided throughout the process, for having been imposed and rooted in oppression, whose meaning implies the condition of colonized and marginalized, as several authors have pointed out, including William Bonfil Battle.

The volume includes contributions from Joseph Luis Paredes “Pacho”, Itzel Vargas Silver Maya Juracan Francisco de Parres Gomez, John Burstein W. Moon Maran Y Xun Sero Tajëëw Beatriz Diaz Robles, Yasnaya Elena A.., Fortino Dominguez Rueda and

Judith Bautista Perez. In addition to the images of the work of Octavio AguilarGabriel Ávalos, Tlacolulokos (Darío Canul and Cosijoesa Cernas), Cesar Catsuu LopezJose Chi Dzul, Abraham GomezHumberto Gomez Perez, Sabino GuisuAna Hernandez, Martha Lopez

LopezJuana Lopez Lopez, Reyes Joaquin Maldonado GamboaCarlos Martinez Gonzalez, Noah MartinezAndy Medina, Maruch MendezFernando Palm, Mauro PecheBaldomero Robles, Jose Angel SantiagoMaruch Sántiz Gómez and Zapantera Negra.

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The book will be presented Thursday, September 29 at 6:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria of the Chopo Museum. Participants: Tajëëw Díaz Robles, Fortino Domínguez Rueda, Maya Juracán and Itzel Vargas Plata and José Luis Paredes “Pacho”.

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