Abortion in Oaxaca, without being guaranteed despite the law: Collectives

Oaxaca, Oax.- Although dSince September 2019 abortion in oaxaca it is legal until week 12 of gestation, Oaxacan collectives and feminists denounced that this free service continues without being guaranteed.

From the Anti-Monument Against Femicides, they pointed out the government of PRI member Alejandro Murat has not complied with the Oaxacans.

“We demand that Oaxaca offer autonomy to our bodies,” they claimed during the abortion invitation they held within the framework of the Global Action for Legal and Safe Abortion which is commemorated every September 28.

Accompanied by a music band, a marmot and giant monkeys with legends of “My body, my territory”, “Neither crime nor sin” and “For a legal and safe abortion”walked through the main streets of the city while informing about the right to decide, respect for the body and the free services and accompaniment that exist for those who seek to have an abortion.

According to health authorities, of the 570 municipalities in the entity, only in eight medical headquarters: “The General Hospital “Dr. Aurelio Valdivieso”, the Health and Extended Services Center of Tlalixtac de Cabrera, the General Hospitals of Tuxtepec, Tapanatepec, Pinotepa Nacional, Juquila, the Women’s Clinic located in Santa Rosa Panzacola and the Health and Extended Services Center of San Jacinto Amilpas”, where Legal Interruption of Pregnancy is practiceddue to the fact that these units concluded the process of certification and training of their personnel.

Oaxacan women face prejudice and stigma

According to an opinion study carried out by Ipas Central America and Mexico (Ipas CAM), despite the fact that the local Congress legalized abortion since September 2019, the Oaxacan women are victims of prejudice and social stigma, that prevents them from getting information and going to services.

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According to data from the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO), cited by the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Parity of the local Congress in its Informative Folder on the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy, the entity annually registers an average of 2,300 clandestine abortionsalthough it is estimated that for every registered abortion there are four that are not, which is equivalent to an approximate figure of 9,200 clandestine abortions.

The same Center, in its study Interruption of Pregnancy, one year after its decriminalization in the state of Oaxaca, indicates that, from September 25, 2019 to June 2020, only 1,879 abortions were performed in clinics and hospitals of the OHS, without specifying whether they are voluntary procedures or for medical reasons, while the “Presidente Juárez” Regional Hospital recorded 76 abortions, all for medical reasons.

As for deaths from abortion, before decriminalization, between 2002 and 2019, there were 59 abortion-related deaths in women of all ages (three deaths per year, on average).

In addition to Oaxaca, in Mexico City, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Baja California, Colima, Sinaloa, Guerrero and Baja California Sur are the states of the Mexican Republic that allow women to legally abort up to 12 weeks of gestation.


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