Murillo Karam obtains suspension in trial for Ayotzinapa

The former Attorney General of the Republic, Jesus Murillo Karamobtained a suspension so that an order to open the trial is not issued for three crimes allegedly committed during the investigation of the Ayotzinapa case.

Murillo Karam is imprisoned in the North Prison, accused of crimes against the administration of justice, torture Y enforced disappearance.

The provisional suspension obtained is for the effect that the control judge of the North Prison who linked to processMarco Antonio Fuerte Tapia, suspend the procedure once the intermediate stage of his trial is over and until he is notified of the resolution of his amparo trial.

The former head of the PGR is accused of forging the so-called “historical truth” about the disappearance of the 43 normal studentsin a conclave of high-ranking officers of the Federal Police and of the PGRamong which the current Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City stands out, Omar Garcia Harfuchaccording to the prosecutor in charge of the Lidia Bustamante case.

This Wednesday, a federal judge declared herself incompetent to continue hearing this matter, for which she turned to the Second Amparo District Court in Criminal Matters, this court being the one that heard in the first instance the appeal filed by Murillo Karam against the alleged “illegal detention”.

“It is estimated that this Sixteenth District Court of Amparo in Penal Mattersl in Mexico City, due to a matter of turn, he should not hear and resolve this amparo proceeding”, states the resolution signed by Judge Jazmin Erendira Ruiz.

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Despite this resolution, the former federal official will continue in prison, because the Attorney General of the Republica (FGR) can still appeal the ruling, and it will be up to a collegiate court to decide if it is confirmed, modified or revoked.

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