PRI member who proposed the Army until 2028, is now head of the Judiciary in Durango

The Judicial Power of the State of Durango appointed as the new president Yolanda de la Torre the PRI deputy who promoted the initiative that seeks to keep the Army in the streets until 2028.

In a session held by the Courtthe member magistrates unanimously approved that the official take office this Wednesday.

The new president studied for a degree in Law at the Autonomous University of Durango and a master’s degree in Electoral Law from the same institution. She also has a doctorate in the subject from the state’s Juárez University.

The PRI has been a local and federal deputy and a senator for PRI. In addition, she has served as councilor of Durango, delegate of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU) in Hidalgo and magistrate of the state Judicial Power.

On September 22, de la Torre requested indefinite leave as deputy of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and his removal from office was granted as of this Monday.

The official presented on September 2 the initiative that proposes to extend the use of the Army and Armed Forces in public security tasks until 2028.

The Congress of Durango also appointed as Vice President Luis Celis Porras. Likewise, it ratified 6 Numerary Magistrates of the Superior Court of Justice, who are integrated into the Plenary. For the first time in its history, it is made up of 10 men and 9 women.

Among the officials are Karen Flores Maciel, José Luis López Ibáñez, Karla Ivonne Cabrales Silva, Gerardo Lara Pérez, Alma Rosa Solís Ríos and Jorge Antonio Bracho Ruíz.

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