Russia will not process passports for citizens called to fight in Ukraine

The Russian Government confirmed that the call-up as a result of the “partial mobilization” will imply that no passport will be issued for the summoned reservists, in such a way that they will not be able to leave the country once they have been summoned by the military authorities.

The Russian Executive, in an informative portal in which it answers a battery of questions about said mobilization, states that there is no exit ban for men of fighting age and who could therefore be summoned to join the Armed Forces.

Nevertheless, Yes, limits will be applied to the issuance of passports in the event that there is a citation in force, although the Government clarified that the withdrawal of nationality is not considered in any case.

Photo: Reuters

The government raised the convocation of up to 300 thousand reservists and it has established a series of guarantees for those who are called to join the Armed Forces, such as that they can return to their job once their military period ends.

Exceptions are also considered, such that critical service workers are not cited, such as financial, or people in psychiatric treatment or HIV. Regarding age, the Government recognizes that in the case of common soldiers the priority is that they be under 35 years of age.

Countries neighboring Russia have detected an uptick in human trafficking at the border since President Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization on September 21. The Kremlin has stated that it does not have data on these departures, but the European border agency (Frontex) reported on Tuesday that at least 66 thousand Russian citizens entered the EU last week, 30 percent more than the previous week.

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