Twitter placed advertising next to child pornography accounts, brands denounce

Ads from at least 30 brands, ranging from Walt Disney Co.NBCUniversal and Coke Co., and even a children’s hospital, have been featured on pages of Twitter accounts related to pornography childish.

This revelation, released by the Reuters agency, is the result of an investigation by the cybersecurity group Ghost Data about him online child sexual abuse.

Certain companies like Mazda and Ecolab have suspended their marketing campaigns or removed their ads from Twitter segments because their promotions appear alongside tweets requesting exploitative material.

Some of the tweets include keywords related to “violation” and “teenagers,” and appeared alongside messages promoted by corporate advertisers, according to the review of Reuters.

In one example, a promoted tweet for shoe and accessory brand Cole Haan appeared alongside a post in which a user said they were “trading teen content/kids“.

“We are horrified,” he told Reuters David Maddocks, brand president of Cole Haan, after receiving notification that the company’s ads were appearing alongside those tweets. “Twitter is going to fix this, or we will fix it by any means we can, which includes not buying Twitter ads. Twitter“.

In another example, a user tweeted looking for “ONLY young girlsNO guys”, which was immediately followed by a promoted tweet for the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital based in Texas.

In a statement, Twitter spokeswoman Celeste Carswell said the company “has zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation” and is investing more resources dedicated to the exploitation of children. security of children, including hiring new positions to write policies and implement solutions.

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He added that Twitter is working closely with its customers and partners. advertising to investigate and take action to prevent the situation from happening again.

Ghost Data identified more than 500 accounts that openly shared or solicited material from sexual abuse infant for a period of 20 days this month. Twitter failed to remove more than 70% of accounts during the study period, according to the group, which reported its findings exclusively to Twitter. Reuters.

After the agency shared a sample of 20 profiles with Twitter, the company removed about 300 accounts network, but more than 100 remained on the site the next day, according to Ghost Data and a review of Reuters.

Twitter is not alone in facing moderation failures related to the safety of children online. Child welfare advocates say the number of known images of child sexual abuse has skyrocketed from thousands to tens of millions in recent years, as predators have used social media, such as Facebook and Instagram of Meta, to prepare the victims and exchange explicit images.

“There is no place for this type of content online,” said a spokesperson for the manufacturer of mazda cars USA in a statement to Reutersadding that in response, the company now prohibits its ads from appearing on Twitter profile pages.

A spokesman for Disney called the content “reprehensible” and said they are “redoubling our efforts to ensure that the digital platforms we advertise on and the media buyers we use strengthen their efforts to prevent such mistakes from happening again.”

For his part, a spokesman for Cokewhich featured a promoted tweet on an account tracked by investigators, said it did not approve of the material being associated with its brand, saying “any breach of these standards is unacceptable and taken very seriously.”

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NBCUniversal He noted that he asked Twitter to remove ads associated with the inappropriate content. (rts)

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