Alamo of poetry, a collection with some of the best contemporary Mexican poets

Editorial Lecturum presented its collection Poetry Poplar. The series coordinated by Roger Guedea brings together some of the best Mexican poets such as Eduardo LizaldeJaime Labastida Mark Anthony FieldsGabriel Zaid, Beatrice Mirror, Maria Rivera, Dana Gelinas, Heriberto YepezMario Bojórquez, Héctor Carreto and Ali Calderón.

“Rogelio proposed to me the project of a poetry collection with living and highly relevant Mexican authors. Product of Guedea’s work; anthologies were appearing with a representative sample of the work of 10 Mexican poets, always in search of literary quality”, explains the editor Porfirio Romo.

Remember that the series began with The flashes of the tiger of Eduardo Lizalde, but it stopped in 2020 due to the health contingency. “At the end of 2021 the collection will restart with the fascinating poetry of Mario Bojórquez and his anthology fire is my exact nameand Alí Calderón closed it with his poetry, pointing out that, despite the fact that language is constantly changing, the essence of man remains intact like that of those who invented a code of symbols, founded the foundations of civilization, just as Today we meet her”.

Ali Calderón, meanwhile, stresses that the saga takes up the editorial initiative of bringing together and delimiting poetic works by various authors, which, despite the fact that the first 15 years of the century maintained a great boom, in recent years seemed to lose strength.

“What Guedea does with Poplar, faced with the risk of uncritically accepting the present, it is reading against the grain. A new box cut against the grain, which means recognizing, for example, that the pendular movement is an artificial description of the functioning of literature, not its fundamental condition, and that the critical language emanated from these tensions is not enough to cover the interpretive needs of today’s poetry.

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Therefore, it seems to me that Guedea understands that a poem, above all, is an appeal and the aesthetic proposal of each author, a model of consciousness; This collection of poetry is built from that place,” he explained.

Mario Bojórquez indicated that these types of books and collections are published at this time as a major critical challenge. “Here is a new procedure, to which we are not used to and we have to assess the impact it has on the reader.”

Bojórquez, winner of the Aguascalientes National Poetry Prize, also underlines that each of the gathered authors undoubtedly has an important work for Mexican poetry, for which the specialized work that the compiler does in the collection should be cause for celebration. “Reading a poetic tradition is a complex activity. Critically assessing these readings and organizing a legible and shareable corpus with other readers also requires a special sensitivity, knowledge of the emotional environment of a literary tradition, an accurate notion of the opportunity of a vision in literature”.

The poets who made up the presentation table shared with the attendees—among whom were the writers Beatriz Espejo and Alejandro Ordorica—the reading aloud of various poems that make up the collection, such as some fragments of The Tigerby Eduardo Lizalde; the offeringby Gabriel Zaid; Autobiographyby Heriberto Yepez, and But seriously it was worth itby Marco Antonio Campos.

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