Bakery 'Superpan' beats DC Comics in copyright lawsuit

After three years of litigation, the Chilean bakery “Superpan” defeated DC Comics in a copyright lawsuit alleging that the name of the business was confused with “The Man of Steel” and harmed the image of the fictional superhero.

The Chilean corporation “Agrosuper” joined the lawsuit filed by the American comic book publisher on the grounds that it was plagiarizing the brands Superchicken, Superpig and others with the prefix “super”.

The allusive name of the bakery to Superman is due to the fact that the owner of the premises, Gonzalo Montenegro, began with the promotion of his products while wore a t-shirt with the logo of the fictional superhero and consumers were responsible for baptizing the business “Superpan”.

However, the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) of Chile declared that “Superpan” did not infringe intellectual property and that there are phonetic differences so that the baker is free to use the name in his business.

“Our place is social, the bread that is left over we give away; DC believed that he was suing a corporation, a brand, but they found me, a humble guy who was going to be stripped of everything because of the nickname he adopted, out of admiration for Superman as a child, “Montenegro commented to the media CHV News.

DC Comics still has a chance to file an appeal but for now, it can be said that Superpan beat Superman.

So far no official position by DC Comics is unknown.

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