Former MoviePass CEOs Slapped With Fraud Lawsuit by SEC

Two more films with strong reviews will help weekend numbers inch upward from September’s 25-year low

The box office is suffering the worst September it has seen in decades. This weekend, Universal’s gay rom-com “Bros” and Paramount’s horror movie “Smile” will continue the slow process of pulling the film industry out of this deep slump — even if neither film is expected to open higher than Warner Bros.’ “Don’t Worry Darling” and Sony’s “The Woman King.”

Like those two current releases, “Bros” and “Smile” are relatively low-budget films that their studios are hoping will turn a decent profit from turnout among a niche audience, with any moviegoers from outside demographics credited to strong word-of-mouth . Both films also have lower production budgets and break-even points than “Darling” and “The Woman King.”

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