'If we don't take care of the planet we are going to die', Beatriz Gutiérrez's response to an environmentalist against the Mayan Train

An activist who has dedicated herself to documenting damage to caves as a result of the Mayan Train works came to talk with Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller.

The president’s wife participated in the inauguration of MundiaCult 2022, a UNESCO event that was attended by 163 international delegations.

the activist @cris_n0, who has uploaded multiple videos about the machinery operating on the caves, approached the doctor on the steps of the National Auditorium.

@cris_n0 He said that he is very concerned about the subject and asked him to follow the latest information on the subject on his Twitter account, where the videos are broadcast.

In the dialogue, Gutiérrez Müller said that “ever since cell phones have existed, we are all reporters.”

He told her that nothing is hidden and, after a hug, said that we are all concerned about the issue, “if we don’t take care of the planet we are going to die”.

Claudia Sheinbaum, who at that time was saying goodbye to Gutiérrez Müller, can also be seen in the dialogue.


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