Daemon at the banquet of the sixth episode

SPOILERS beware!

* We talk in detail about some relevant facts of 1×06 of ‘The House of the Dragon’. If you haven’t seen the episode, don’t read any further!

The sixth chapter of ‘The House of the Dragon’ was full of remarkable events, such as the death of two characters, Harwin and Laena, and the introduction of new actors and actresses who will accompany us for the rest of the season. Many things happened, however, there was one scene in particular that caught the attention of fans, who quickly took to Twitter to comment on their impressions. Is Daemon a bisexual character? The doubt has been circulating on social networks for several days.

The much talked about scene takes place in the luxurious Pentos mansion, where the family made up of Daemon and Laena share a dinner with the lord of the place in a beautiful interior patio. The powerful owner of this castle offers the couple his home, promising them a pleasant service and a peaceful stay in his residence and city, in exchange for the protection they can offer with their dragons.

During the development of this banquet, Daemon seems inclined to accept the proposals of the owner of this place, although he is also somewhat distant and distracted. In one of the shots of this sequence, the rogue prince whispers in the ear of one of the servants, approaching his neck and his ear to comment on something that we cannot hear clearly. In addition, the characters exchange very penetrating and deep glances, setting up a brief scene in which they get too close, closer than expected at a time when servant and lord share a shot.

The interaction between Daemon and the servant lasts just a couple of seconds, but it was more than enough for social networks to explode with the idea of ​​the possible bisexuality of the Targaryen. A fan account of the series called Out of Context House of the Dragon launched an investigation into this matter, and ended up confirming that HBO removed a scene where Daemon and the servant were shown in an intimate position, situated on the battlements of the castle. The shot shows them quite out of focus, but the image we see could seem that they are kissing, or at least flirting intimately, which leads us to think that the prince could be bisexual.

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Sexual diversity in ‘The House of the Dragon’

If confirmed, it would not be the first time that this series introduces us to LGTBI characters, in addition to its predecessor, ‘Game of Thrones’, which also brought us figures belonging to the group, such as Renly Baratheon, Yara Greyjoy or Oberyn Martell, to name a few. examples. In ‘The House of the Dragon’ we have seen homosexuality in another character, specifically in the previous chapter. This is Laenor Velaryon, the now husband of Rhaenyra, who had a lover named Joffrey Lonmouth, killed during the first ceremony held around the wedding between the princess and the Velaryon heir. Now, after the 10-year time jump, Laenor has a new lover, Qarl Correy, who will accompany the family to their new home on Dragonstone.

We can’t guess how many LGTBI characters we’ll see in the series, or how Daemon’s alleged bisexuality will be addressed, but for now, the scene where this sexuality was explicitly shown has been removed by HBO, so we don’t know if we will see some indication of this in the character of Matt Smith. Now the prince is single, because his wife has died, but it will not be like that for a long time since the relationship with his niece promises, and it seems that they will give us a lot to talk about with the following episodes.


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