'It could be attempted murder;  Prosecutor's Office will determine ': Sheinbaum on aggression by Mauricio Tabe's father

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaumnoted that the violent behavior of Daniel Tabe, father of the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mauricio Tabe, could be classified as crime of attempted murder.

At a press conference, he stated that it will be the Capital prosecutor’s office which will determine if there was a crime and what kind.

This Tuesday, the father of Mayor Mauricio Tabe threatened with a knife still inspector of the Administrative Verification Institute (Invea), who came to his Don Eraki taqueria for administrative irregularities.

“It is a violent, threatening act from a taqueria that was set up illegally. A violent action of a father of a public servant because he has his own crime. Must be listed up to attempted homicide, but that has to be determined by the Prosecutor’s Office”.

Sheinbaum Pardo explained the Reasons why Mauricio Tabe’s father was not arrested.

“They ask why it was not stopped immediately, remember that the accusatory criminal system has already changed, if not someone is arrested in flagrante delicto, because a complaint must be filed, an investigation folder must be opened, they must present the evidence and in any case what determines Judge”.

The president of the capital considered that the aggression of daniel tabe it is an act that demonstrates classism and a culture of privileges for being relatives of a public official.

“ANDn the background is a classism that characterizes the PAN; it is racism, classism, privileges, arrogance, use of violence.”

“I felt very angry that they closed my business”: Daniel Tabe after threatening the CDMX inspector with a knife

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daniel tabe, dad of the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mauricio Tabe, justified its Violent conduct against Invea inspectorsWell, he said he felt very angry that his business was closed.

“I am very sorry for my behavior today, it was never my intention to hurt anyone. Honestly, I felt very angry that they closed down my business that has cost me many years of work.


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