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    Kevin Bacon Has Been Announced To Join The Upcoming ‘Hollywood Sleuth’ Movie that prepares Netflix. The late sequel, the fourth installment in the saga starring Eddie Murphyalso recently confirmed the return of several of Detective Axel Foley’s companions: Jeffrey Friedman (played by Paul Reiser), Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold), John Taggart (John Ashton) and Serge (Bronson Pichot).

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    In addition to the old gang, the cast will also feature Joseph Gordon Levittwho we just heard as the voice of Jiminy Cricket in the live-action remake of ‘Pinocchio,’ and Taylor Paigewhich we will see in the production of A24 ‘Zola’ and in the next remake of ‘The Toxic Avenger’ with the star of ‘Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage and Kevin Bacon himself.

    Bacon’s role, as well as details about the plot of the new film in the franchise, remain under wraps. They just revealed its director, the newcomer Mark Molloy, and the screenwriter, Will Beal (‘Aquaman’). Eddie Murphy will be a producer as well as a protagonist, sharing roles with Jerry Bruckheimer (responsible for several of the best action movies in history) and Chad Oman.

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    Despite being two of the quintessential stars of the ’80s, this will be the first time that Murphy and Bacon share a screen. Bacon achieved stardom in the same year as Murphy thanks to his appearance in the classic ‘Footloose’, and then came another big hit like ‘Tremors’. The actor has multiple projects on the horizon such as the remake of ‘The Toxic Avenger’ and ‘Leave the World Behind’, where he will share work with Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts.

    For now There is no release date for ‘Hollywood detective 4’which will be distributed directly by the Netflix platform.


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